Academic Counselling:

  1. Once a prospective student contacts us, we will e-mail him/her a student intake questionnaire. The questionnaires are also available at our office for hand fill up.
  2. A student consultant will review the information received from the client
  3. We then conduct a basic search based on client’s goal, strengths and available opportunities
    1. Find out alternative programs those align with client’s goals and available opportunities
    2. Find out funding opportunities if available
  4. We now schedule an appointment with the prospective student to
    1. Review the client information briefly to make sure both parties are on the same page
    2. Share our initial recommendation
    3. Incorporate feedback from the client
    4. Communicate next steps
  5. After the initial meeting, we will conduct a deep dive for appropriate programs and finalize schools, requirements and deadlines
  6. We will share our final recommendations (schools) with the prospective student and finalize 2/3 schools for application
  7. Once schools are identified, we will start communicating with the school/ program about this potential client
  8. We will communicate with the client about school requirements, deadlines etc. Provide the student with a checklist (transcripts, IELTS score etc.) and receive all the necessary documents
  9. Submit application to several schools depending on the student/client’s demand and need
  10. Follow up with the school after application is submitted
  11. Communicate client about the outcome and prepare them for visa

Student Assessment Form



Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):


Contact Information (Email address):

Telephone Number:

What is the name of your previous Institution?

What was your undergraduate/ HSC/ A level result? (Provide photocopies of the transcripts/ results)

What is your undergraduate major?

What do you want to study? [Undergraduate/ Graduate/ Doctoral level)

Where do you want to study? Please specify universities, provinces if known.

When do you want to start your program? (Fall, Winter, Spring semester)

Is there any specific area of interest (Example: Accounting, Marketing, Pharmacy etc.)?

Have you taken the SAT/ACE/GMAT/ GRE/TOEFL/IELTS yet? If yes, please share your score(s).

Do you have adequate funds for your studies?

What do you want to accomplish with this degree?

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